Ripping The Runway At Lingerie Fashion Week SS15

model runway shotWe are totally still in a New York state of mind as we are still trying to calm down from the high of Lingerie Fashion Week in New York City. From the prep time to the actual show, we didn’t miss a beat. CEO and founder, Uyo Okebie-Eichelberger made it her best show yet so I’ll give you a little preview into our world of Lingerie Fashion Week. I’ll spill every single deet on how it all started to the very second our high fashion, super duper gorgeous preggo models strutted our fabulous nursing & maternity lingerie down the runway. (more…)

8 Parenting Topics That Will Always Cause A Debate


Only parents can relate and know this cold hard truth. Parenting is hard! Sometimes you wonder if you are even doing it right. Sometimes you wonder if you are already a failure as a parent. Even though we are all aware of this truth, there are still some parenting topics that gets parents from all over the country heated! Here are some sensitive topics that always seem to cause a debate and gets many parents to sound off!


What To Wear For Your Maternity Photo Shoot

Magic is what a woman experiences and feels when she’s expecting. Most women want to document their ever growing bump every step of the way because she knows she won’t stay pregnant forever. Well, you’ve got 9 months to show off your gorgeous bump in front of the camera but sometimes, you wonder what is appropriate and what is not when it comes to doing a maternity photo shoot. The type of clothing you choose to wear obviously depends on how far along you are, the theme and how you want the pictures to look. Without further ado, here are some cool ideas for your maternity photo shoots. (more…)

Can’t Drink? Check Out 7 Delicious Mocktails For Pregnant Moms

7 Delicous Mocktails for Pregnant Moms

Once in a while, all we want to do is put our swollen feet up on the table after a long day and sip a glass of alcoholic beverage to unwind. Well, when you are pregnant, that’s not really an option right? All you can do is stare at the champagne bottle and day dream about drinking it. Yeah…I know. Such a BUMMER but I’ve got news for you! Mojitos, magaritas and other tasty alcoholic beverage taste oh so good without any alcohol. Don’t believe me? Here are 7 delicious mocktails to help you get the edge off. (more…)

10 Unexpected Things You’ll Love While Pregnant

Being pregnant is one of the most miraculous things that can ever happen to any woman. Yes! You will gain a little weight in unexpected places and you might get stuck sleeping on your side for a long while but don’t fret! There are some awesome perks that comes with being pregnant. Don’t believe me? I’ve compiled 12 unexpected things you’ll love while you are pregnant. (more…)

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